Write an abstract of the text. 3.2.3. Give the English equivalents of the following collocations:


3.2.3. Give the English equivalents of the following collocations:

попадать под ограничения, осматривать (багаж), заниматься контрабандой, таможенный сбор, таможенная декларация, таможенное управление, личные вещи, пройти таможенный досмотр, таможенные правила, таможенные ограничения.

3.2.4. Match the words and their explanation:

a. duty-free goods b. to declare c. effects (pl.) d. to smuggle e. restrictions f. tariff g. liable h. border i. luggage j. value 1) to make known publicly or officially, according to rules, custom, etc.; to make a full statement of property 2) responsible , esp. in law for paying for something 3) the cases, bags ,boxes, etc. of a traveler 4) the dividing line between two countries 5) things you can buy at airports or on ships without paying the full price because there is no tax on them 6) belongings, personal property 7) to take (esp. goods) from one country to another illegally 8) a tax collected by a government, usually on goods coming into a country 9) the worth of something in money or as compared with other goods 10) rules or laws that strictly control what you are allowed to do

3.3. Study the following pictures. Read the text and try to guess the meaning of the words printed in bold.

Text B

Pat arrived at the airport two hours ago to catch her plane to Tokyo. At the check-in-counter, a ticket agent looked at her ticket and her passport and her baggage was checked in (weighted on the scales). Pat's suitcases were very heavy, so she had to pay an excess baggage charge (amount of money for additional weight).

Next she was given a boarding pass (a ticket that allows her to get on the plane). The boarding pass has a seat number written on it, and Pat was given a window seat in the non-smoking section. Her suitcases were labeled and sent off to be loaded into the hold of the airplane.

While waiting for the flight to be called, Pat goes to the newsstand to buy a newspaper. Then she goes through the security check, where her carry-on luggage (the bags she is keeping with her on the plane) is searched. Then Pat goes into the duty-free shop where she has a chance to buy some things cheaply. The goods she buys here are cheap because they are not taxed.

3.3.1. Answer the questions to the text:

1) When you arrive at the airport you first go to the ... counter.

2) You have to have a ... pass so that you can get on the plane.

3) After the security check, you wait in the ... lounge.

4) You can buy many things cheaply at the ... shop.

5) When you hear the announcement, you go to the ... to board your plane.

3.3.2. Find out English and Russian equivalents for the words presented below:

— check-in-counter

билет ––

багаж ––

излишек, превышение (багажа) —

–– load (v)

тележка ––

–– hold (n)

посадочный талон ––

–– departure lounge

магазин беспошлинной

торговли ––

–– gate

–– conveyor belt

весы ––

–– satchel

–– to check in

объявление —

–– security check

–– carry-on luggage

3.4. Read the text and try to translate it without the dictionary.

Text C